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Caring for Your Newborn

Servicing the towns of Leonardtown and Waldorf, MD, your pediatrician, Dr. Robert Miller, offers his patients information on how to care for their newborn children. He knows how scary it is to be a first-time parent and having a strong, comforting relationship with a pediatrician is a must.

Here is advice on how to care for your newborn, and make sure to call one of his offices with any questions or concerns you have:


Sore nipples and difficulty in getting your child to feed are normal issues. Try using a warm compress, a heating pad, or a warm, wet washcloth to loosen blocked breast ducts and allow milk to flow more easily. If you want to bottle feed your baby, introduce the bottle about 6 to 8 weeks after you start breastfeeding your child.


Avoid severe sleep deprivation but don't fret over being tired. Take shifts with your partner, sleep when your baby is sleeping, and if your baby is having difficulty falling asleep, rock them, or have them sleep on your chest if need be.


A fussy newborn is nothing to be worried about—the key is to mimic the womb environment. Soothing and gently rocking your baby will help create a calming environment. Soft music and using a warm wipe when changing diapers are often effective as well.


Make sure you speak to your partner about what you need. Take sleeping shifts, as mentioned above, so that you can receive rest as well. Ask your partner to take time off work and divide duties so neither of you over-exhaust yourselves.

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If you need to either schedule a doctor's appointment for your newborn or inquire about our services, don't hesitate to contact one of our offices in Leonardtown and Waldorf, MD, today:

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